DeCoste Family

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our little 3 year old!

This is Kylie on the day she was born, her 1st birthday & 2nd birthday!!


Our precious little girl-I can not believe that she is 3 years old. She is such a joy, always full of life, she has such an AMAZING imagination, she has such a love for her family & friends. I can not imagine my life without this sweet little girl. I am so blessed!

Grace, Sam & Kylie

Our future Gold Medalist-Grace, Sam & Kylie. Now they can play this when Sam runs a gold medal for track & Kylie & Grace win for gymnastics :)


My handsome men

We always had a mass of people outside playing, riding bikes, watching movies, yelling back-n-forth between units. It was SO much fun!

The family

The boys hike

The boys playing

The very helpful sister :)

Sweet baby Nathan

My precious little boy!!


See No, Speak No, Hear No Evil :)

Kylie riding her first bike!!!

Here is Kylie riding her very first in Winter Park. She loved it so much that Grace gave it to her for her birthday present...what a sweet cousin she is!!!